COVID-19 Statement

To our valued customers,


In today’s society, awareness and preparation are the top 2 priorities. The current national pandemic has created an on going battle in our country. We’ve been pushed further out of our comfort zone and deeper into social distancing. With the foot of the enemy on our doorstep, we need to take every precaution possible to fight this battle. Just as the pandemic prospers so do our everyday lives and essential needs. With no guaranteed end in sight we need to prepare as a country to continue living our lives as safely and healthy as possible.


At DiamondWorks, we take these times extremely serious. We understand how detrimental this pandemic is to the people in our country. We understand that nearly every aspect of life has called for an adjustment and for some it may be harder than others. What we are doing as a company is utilizing our team, time, and tools to create a safe environment wherever we can. Recently we’ve put our focus on the essential travel environment as in automotive transport. For many citizens work, groceries, laundry, etc. is still a very active role in their life and calls for means of transportation. Just as the states are taking precautionary measures to ensure sanitation of public transportation, we are taking measures ensure proper sanitation of our customers vehicles.


We are beginning to offer full interior sterilization of the vehicles as an add on with any of our detailing packages. Automobiles contain many materials from plastic to leather to cotton and in some instances can act as a sponge harboring bacteria, dirt, and germs. Diamonds works will be using its services as an opportunity make essential travel safer for those partaking in such activities. The best way to fight this battle is to stop the spread and that starts with cleanliness and sanitation which is why we are also utilizing our mobile services to help keep our clients home for the time being. Together we can take back our country and our lives. Let’s get back in the driver seat! Book an appointment today to get a free sterilization add on with the service purchase of any one of our detailing packages.